Wandering Bajans Presets


These presets are available as .xml files for the latest version of Adobe Lightroom.

Sharpen and brighten your images with presets that can work for almost any image. In this pack you will get 5 different presets that you can apply and then tweak to perfection on your own images.

Pop preset:

Brighten your image, with slight saturation which allows the colors to pop out. You can easily tweak the saturation for your desired brightness. This preset works well on images with bright colors such as bright buildings.

Mountain Preset:

Take your dark and gloomy looking images and brighten them up and add some details while maintaining balanced natural colours. This preset works well for dark and stormy looking images or low light images.

Jungle preset:

Add some details and sharpness and deepen your greens with this jungle preset. This preset works well on images that have a lot of green in them.

Island preset:

Get that #IslandLife look by showcasing those beautiful golden palms trees. This preset desaturates the greens while enhancing the yellows in the image. This gives the image a beautiful tropical feel. Perfect for palm tree images!

Natural preset:

Enhance your images without over saturating or tweaking the colors. This preset defines and brightens without any color adjustments. It can be applied to any image and then further changes can be made to suit your needs!



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