Stainless Steel Straw


ALL YOUR ​SIPPING​ NEEDS IN ONE ​ADORABLE ​KIT:​ Lime Skies is a company founded on the philosophy that true beauty comes from within and around us. That means ​protecting​ and preserving​ our own​ health​ as well as the health of mother nature. With your purchase of our ​reusable straw kit​, you receive two ​recycable straws, 1 nylon washing brush, one metal case, and a beautiful calico drawstring carrying bag. Convenient, eco-conscious, and stylish – ​this ​dining accessory set ​has it all
PRESERVE TASTE, PRESERVE HEALTH: ​What ​drinkware ​you use is almost as important as what ​beverages​ you’re actually drinking. By using ​plastic, disposable straws​, you take the risk of ingesting BPA and other harmful toxins. The Lime Skies ​stainless steel straw set ​is ​BPA-free, non-toxic, and dye-free​.​ ​You are guaranteed delicious​ drinks ​with ​no metallic or plastic aftertaste leaching into your ​coffee, smoothies, tea, cocktails, and milkshakes​.
HELP IN EFFORTS TO HEAL MOTHER EARTH: ​Our landfills continue to overflow as we dispose plastic and paper, but you can do your part by avoiding the use of ​throwaway cups and utensils​. ​Lightweight​ and ​compact​, our ​portable​ ​steel straws ​can ​discreetly​ fit in your purse for easy access, wherever you are. ​Environmentally-friendly​ and​ safe​, the Lime Skies straw collection is the responsible and favorable option.
DURABLE​ CRAFTSMANSHIP: ​Derived from ​long-lasting stainless steel​, this​ reusable travel straw kit ​will hold its integrity and performance for years to come. Brandishing a ​straight, thick design​, our ​metal straws ​are ​easy-to-clean. Furthermore, each ​drink straw​ is ​food-grade, corrosion-resistant, and rust-resistant, ​so your ​2-set of straws ​will retain their use through every sip and wash.
THE PERFECT GIFT SET:​ Every detail of The Lime Skies ​steel straws and brush set​ was meticulously designed to provide ​luxury​ and ​ergonomics​. Each kit comes with 1 ​sleek metal case tube ​that can house two metal straws. Additionally, the ​collection​ is accessorized with a ​rustic calico bag ​and furnished in ​recycled packaging​ – making this ​complete travel drinking set ​a ​great gift for a birthday, graduation, housewarming, Mother’s Day, or Christmas.


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